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HighFlyers Conference

Empowering students, parents and families for academic and all round success



Home schooling

This special edition of the HighFlyers Conference -

An online experience for parents was held on 9th April, 2022

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Also see below some feedbacks and materials from the event.


The Highflyers conference was born out of a need to enlighten parents and families with useful information on how to improve the academic progress of their children especially in these changing and challenging times.

Two conferences have been successfully organised in 2021 with very good outcomes and overwhelming appreciation from both parents and students. (

We hope to have even better outcomes this year.

Our socio-cultural and educational climate has rapidly changed following the Covid pandemic. With full or partial school closures, pupil and teacher absences, and uncertainty about Government’s policies, it is evident that there is the need for students to be more self-motivated, and independent in their learning with guidance from schools and teachers.


Many parents/guardians/families having depended solely on the educational establishments for the academic welfare of their children are struggling as to how to adjust to this change. The purpose of Highflyers Conference 3.0 is to share some knowledge to help families with the task of making their children more independent and self-motivated in their learning.

Different aspects of the topic will be emphasised by our speakers including;

  1. Academic focus – Self-study strategies, Planning, Discipline, how parents can liaise with schools, online resources etc

  2. Emotional focus – Supporting mental and emotional wellbeing of the child

  3. All round family well-being/spiritual focus

Event Facilitators

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-27 at 9.37_edited.jpg

Tolu Adewole

Pst Nelson_edited.jpg

Pastor Nelson Thomas

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-24 at 10.20_edited.jpg

Dr Funke Osagie


Ruby K.

Event Feedback

Ogundipe T.

R. K Feedback.JPG
T O Feedback.JPG

Pat C.

P C Feedback.JPG

Akpore P.

P A Feedback.JPG

Below are the video recordings from the event;​

1. Video 1 - Raising STRONG INDEPENDENT Learners - Academic Focus

2. Video 2 - Raising STRONG INDEPENDENT Learners - Parental Emotional & Spiritual Support

HighFlyers Conference April-2022

We look forward to seeing you at the next HighFlyers Conference...!

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