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Want To PASS Your GCSE Maths With Flying Colours and Less HASSLES? You Have LANDED On The Right WEBSITE.

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

Let me ask you a VERY SERIOUS question...

How would you like to sit down this time come August with your child's GCSE result stating 9+ or better than current grade levels and be picking and choosing the school your child goes to because of his/her strong GCSE result and not having to scoop into any school because of low GCSE grades.

Mighty Readers ebook club, is an online reading Club for children aged 5 to 9 with the aim to

1.) Improve their communication and reading comprehension skills. 
2.) Learn new vocabulary. 
3.) Build a consistent reading pattern and a personal library
4.) Close any reading age gaps and
5.) Have sooo mnch fun while learning in a relaxed atmosphere

Come join us, let's enhance your child's journey to becoming a Mighty Reader.

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I'm Tolu Adewole
A Highly Qualified Maths Tutor

I have extensive experience  in tutoring GCSE Maths with evidence of past pupils passing with outstanding grades. 

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What To Expect From These GCSE Masterclass Sessions

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Studying at Home


Testimonials from some past parents who were ecstatic with their Children's results and sending me personal thank you messages like the ones here: 

How Do I Join And How Much

Does It Cost?


There are only 16 seats left in this year's GCSE Maths Masterclass to join existing students.

New seats are on a first come first served basis so it's the next 16 students to join.

So how much does it cost.

I also have a simple pricing plan where students only pay per class or pay for a package

I charge just £29 for a 1 Class session or you can get a discount if you buy a multi-class session package.

So all you need to do to not miss out of this amazing opportunity is to decide if you want a single class session or a multi-class session.