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Reading Books

Edupalaver Solutions is a one-stop-shop for educational resources. We provide a comprehensive range of materials and services to help students, parents and educators learn and grow. We believe that education should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 

For students, we offer an extensive library of books, videos and interactive activities. Select a book below to start reading today or browse our collection to find something new. Parents and educators can also find helpful resources to support learning in the classroom.

Mighty Readers' Books

Mighty Readers Book Club is a place where children can learn to read, think, and explore their imaginations through the power of literature. Our goal is to foster a love of reading and writing in young people by providing a safe and supportive learning environment.

We offer a variety of fun and engaging activities, such as book club sessions, writing workshops, and author visits. Through our programming, we strive to give children the tools they need to be confident readers and writers. These Mighty Readers' Books are compilations of some of the remarkable stories our creative and ambitious readers have produced.

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Mini Books


Extended Books

Our Extended books provide an excellent way to develop your reading and comprehension skills. With more in-depth storylines and more complex language, these books will challenge even the most experienced readers. Perfect for book club members, these longer reads will inspire and captivate readers of all ages and help them to grow as readers. With an ever-growing selection of titles, these extended books are sure to satisfy any reader looking for an educational challenge.

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