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A Letter to Time

Dear Time,

I have been told you are the most important resource on earth, much more vital than money or gold or education. Is it because you are needed to acquire every other resource? Or because you are so scarce that everyone longs for more of you? Do you know we could do so much more if only you were more abundant? Well, that’s what everyone says, it has to be true!

Why are you so obscure? No one knows how much of you they are entitled to or when you will decide to take your leave. To some you give over a hundred years, some a few dozens, others have a measly share of less than a year and some will spend only days. I know some people who would have paid any amount to have a little more of you, but you stubbornly refused to give! You have a right to be proud, no one doubts your superiority, but certainly you could be more considerate!

I suspect that you often feel that you are being abused or mismanaged. You must think that your presence is often taken for granted. We also blame you for our ineffectiveness and inability to keep our end of the bargain? We complain that we never have enough of you to do the things that matter. Alright, I admit it, I am also guilty of this. It is very convenient to put the blame on you; after all, no one can confirm the truth. I do not comprehend your ways, and when purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Please do not be angry, but understand that not all fingers are equal. The fact that everyone is given the same 24 hours per day is no guarantee that they would be applied the same way. Someone could cross ten items off his heavy schedule, while some may have done only one item which was not even on their to-do list, because they never had any! Some people can commit to three straight hours of conscientious study; others have to check for feeds on their social media page every other minute. Does it have to do with the way our brains are wired ?

You deserve your high regard and we ought to value you much more, but do you know how difficult it is to? Do you empathise with us at all? There is this very rampant phenomenon called distraction. It has successfully morphed itself into virtually every part of our lives, making us so busy. It is one of your most potent enemies and the main reason for your mismanagement- if you care to know! Yes, there’s also procrastination- your notorious thief. Do you realise how often you get stolen? You just sit there and allow yourself to be taken away?! How ridiculous!

Time, what I mean is that if we cannot keep you, then how can you blame us for how we spend you? The matter is not in our hands. There should be some kind of ‘Time-bank’ where we could save you, and regularly withdraw as much as we need. That way, no one would complain. You would be there when desired. However, as things stand, you are still the all-important, invaluable, scarce commodity. You make your decisions, and on them are hinged the outcome of every man’s.

I would have written some more to you, but I’ve run out of Time - you’ve gone….God help us all!

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