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July Book Club blogs

Hello Mighty Readers!!

We have been having such a fun time at Book Club this month, exploring the Creation Story through Mary, Peter and Hank (the clever dog who can tell time!) in the book ‘The Secret of the Hidden Scroll’. Some of us have loved the book so well we have bought and read ahead of the group! Splendid work everyone!

For the past four weeks we have learnt so many new words, a few of which have been easy to remember; some of them were ‘squishy’, some have even been ‘smudged’, one or two were quite ‘slithery’ but they have all been very educative!

We have now finished with ‘The Secret of the Hidden Scroll’ this week but watch out! We have even more fun, educational books ahead!

Even more importantly, we have been challenging ourselves by WRITING our very own stories, as Mighty Readers. We’ve had some fun telling the story of Leon the Lazy Lion as a group and that was a huge success. Now we are writing the story of David and Goliath, from our perspective! What a fun way to show our creative writing skills and independent thought, as well as working as a group, and using all the words we have learnt so far!

Mighty Readers are indeed Mighty Leaders and we will show this everyday by practicing what we learnt, doing independent reading of our own, learning even more godly lessons every-day, and using the words we have learnt to prove our growth.

Remember Mighty Reader, you are so loaded with potential; all you have to do is try, and try and try until you get it right!

If you missed any of the sessions, you can still catch up by purchasing a copy of 'The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls' via the link

See you next week!


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