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Admission in Year 7 for 2021 - Liverpool Schools

Is your child in Year 5? This is the time to start considering secondary school admission places for the September 2021. Guidance on how to apply for schools under the Liverpool local government authority can be found here

Please note that most of the current information on these pages are for the 2020 admissions, and there might be major changes next year due to Post-Covid social distancing rules, however, it is advisable to be well informed about the application process, and keep up to date with the policies of the various schools. This link will open the page below

The Find your schools button will lead you to the page below. Tick the secondary box to show all the secondary schools governed by the Liverpool Authority. These schools include Grammar schools e.g. Liverpool Blue Coat, and some faith-based schools, but excludes independent (or private) schools.

A list of independent schools in the Merseyside Area can be found here.

Click on the individual links of the schools to find out more about them, and their admissions criteria. Some schools e.g. Blue Coat school require applicants to pass an assessment before applying, some require a religious affiliation, others give preference to students that have good musical aptitude. Most schools give preference to applicants who live in the same area, and would require a council tax bill to prove this.

It is also advisable to visit the school website and read the latest OFSTED report to get a better understanding of the school.

When you are sure of which schools you wish to apply to, go on to STEP 2, Register and apply online. You can apply to up to three schools.

Secondary applications usually close by 31st October.

I hope this article helps!


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