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The Birthday Shoes

Mighty Readers e-book Club - 27/03/2021

Today’s book club started with a fun time recalling the new words we learnt last week. We then used the words to create sentences based on our new book Leon the lazy lion. Yes, the Mighty Readers are also learning to be highly creative writers.

After that, we read the first chapter of the book - The Birthday Shoes by Mary Weeks Milliard. It tells the story of Emily Jane, an eleven-year-old girl who gets old-fashioned, fake crocodile-skin shoes for her birthday instead of the fashionable boots she has long desired.

Emily Jane is thrown into a grumpy, miserable mood. She is determined never to wear those shoes or to be grateful to Aunt Lucy who sent them to her from Africa.


We learnt some life lessons from this chapter – to be grateful for and make the best of what you have.

We also added some new words to our ambitious vocabulary wall.

Find out how to join the next book club session on this page, See you at the next mighty reader's e-book club.

You can purchase The Birthday Shoes on Amazon here.

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