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The Easter Story

Mighty Readers e-book Club - 03/04/2021

Our Mighty Readers have a target to read a new book every week. They come with this book to the book-club and then tell us what lessons, new words they have learnt from their books.

We are always fascinated by the wide variety of books read by our Mighty Readers. Today’s reports include- The Dork Diaries, The Magic Porridge Pot, Horrid Henry, Let’s build, The true Nature of God, and even a book about Coding! Our Mighty Readers are doing well indeed!

In line with spirit of this season, we started today’s Book club with the reading of the Easter story, it is a very simple account of the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Mighty Readers loved the story.


Next, we read the first half of chapter two of ‘The Birthday Shoes’. Emily Jane decides to prove that her disgusting new shoes do not fit, so that she has her excuse to throw them away forever. On putting on the shoes however, she finds herself transported to a new world- a fishing village in Africa where she meets a little girl who tells a grim story.

Find out how to join the next book club session on this page, See you at the next mighty reader's e-book club.

You can purchase The Birthday Shoes on Amazon here.

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